ScrumCraft partners with Zip

Since its beginning, ScrumCraft has held a single mission which is to demystify agile at scale. As we grow we recognise that our mission should grow us to reflect our ongoing commitment.

One of these is at the core of what we do naturally because it is “built-in” to our values and principles. We want to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity. With that in mind, our next slice is to make training opportunities more accessible.

There is nothing worse or stressful when you hear about a great training opportunity, only to be disappointed when the dates dont line up with your finances. You either end up missing out or it impacts your savings goals and you have to commit to eating steamed rice until you catch up financially.

In finding a solution for our customers we wanted to strike a balance. We wanted customers to have access to funds when they wanted to attend training, without the high interest rates of a credit card.

That is why we partnered with Zip. With Zip we feel we have found that balance.

Train now, Pay Later
1. Nothing to pay today
2. Interest free always
3. Flexible repayments

Using Zip will allow you to attend training now and pay it off in manageable repayments that wont wear out the rice bowl, starting from $10 per week.

For further information on our courses check our our services and for further information on our Zip payment option click here.

Published by Jason

Jason is an agile coach and trainer with 16 years experience applying agile principles and practices in a variety of industries and initiative types. Skilled in agile transformation and coaching, he is a professional motivated towards relentless improvement, inspiring agility and thought leadership to evolve leadership and teams to think differently and achieve great outcomes.

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