Agile Manifesto Values

Just going to put this thought here for now…

Does the original agile manifesto pose an agile values conflict?

Can you have things on the left in balance with the things on the right?

The first CSM trainer I had way back when, would have had me believe that we dont care about the things on the right of the agile values…at all. I have also seen other trainers say the same thing since. This isn’t correct and was not the intent.

Things on the left are preferred as “we have come to value” states, while there is still a place for things on the right, and they are still helpful “there is value” in the right context and situation.

I have also applied the term VS to the agile values rather than OVER to articulate the spectrum of adoption or choice. Just like a car temperature gauge, there is an optimum running temperature for your car that you become aware of, if your car starts running hot you know that it needs your attention.

*the original agile manifesto was written for “software” but I intentionally used the term “solutions” or sometimes “product” as agility spans far beyond software-only today, as such I am “responding to change” when articulating agile values and mindset 😉

Jason Cameron

I love agile, I mean I really love agile!

It has provided me with so many fantastic opportunities and experiences that I cannot help but want to share its awesomeness with others and provide them with an avenue to grow as well.

That is why, as an agile coach and trainer, #ilovewhatido!

I am on a mission to demystify agile at scale and help organisations and individuals connect with their inner awesome to meet complex challenges head-on.

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