Is method bashing the new inquisition.

I have pondered for some time my thoughts and feelings on method or framework bashing.

On one hand everyone is entitled to an opinion and we should show openness to other points of view.

However, in some cases, how these opinions are delivered can be considered borderline bullying and disrespectful.

I have been a student of agile for many years and still consider myself on a learning journey. On my personal agile pilgrimage I have explored a wide range of agile concepts, practices, methods and frameworks. I have found some that I naturally resonate with, by that I mean they work well for me as a human. When I walk into a new situation to apply my skills and knowledge, client or employer, I pull on this experience and know that the environment that I have stepped into has its own needs, preferences and culture. Indeed if they have already implemented new ways of working, their agile might not be my agile.

So why are there so many individuals that say things like:

  • “Framework X is not agile”
  • “If you do X you are not agile”
  • “You cant use the word X to describe your agile courses”

If we all agree what we do in an agile world is base our patterns around the agile manifesto values and principles, then we are all part of the same agile community.

If we all agree that we do what we do to make the world a better place of inclusion and diversity, then we are all part of the same agile culture.

If we all agree that no matter what method or framework you adopt you still aim to continuously improve, then we are all part of the same agile family.

Published by Jason

Jason is an agile coach and trainer with 16 years experience applying agile principles and practices in a variety of industries and initiative types. Skilled in agile transformation and coaching, he is a professional motivated towards relentless improvement, inspiring agility and thought leadership to evolve leadership and teams to think differently and achieve great outcomes.

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