Sketchnotes are an easy way to capture those “Ah-ha!” moments at conferences, seminars, meetups or even every day meetings at work. I find them so much more motivating and interesting to refer back to in the future and much more effective at sparking the memory of the event be it days, weeks or months later… whats more is they’re fun!

Granted you have to be able to recognise the sketches later on (I’m still working on this bit…) but the beauty of being your own author is that the images you create will mean something to you and the combination of sketches and notes will give it relevance and context for you.

This image is from the the first Be 1st Conference that was held in Adelaide in 2018 and these notes were taken from one of the key note speakers Nigel Dalton.

There are a number of elements that I tend to reflect back on the most regardless of having the notes open. One being the image of the tree and the words I want to quote from Nigel “Plant the tree our grandchildren will sit under” which speaks volumes to me and was definitely in the top of the list of impacting statements from the event.

Another Ah-ha! moment or memory from his key note speech was the image of interaction or conflict points based on team size. It was the first time I had seen this thinking articulated in pictures and I immediately related this image to the scrum guides development team size guideline of of 5-9 people. I have used this many times since. The thinking behind the image is that teams of 3 people will have 3 interaction, hand-off or potential conflict points, where as a team of 4 people will manage 6 etc. A great image to use when you are asked why limit the team size!

Regardless of whether or not you can draw give sketchnotes a go, it is a fun way to recall important moments and great practice for appealing to visual learners.

For my other sketchnotes from the 2018 Be 1st Conference please refer to the Photo Gallery page.

Jason Cameron 9/2/2019 12:24pm

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