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12 Agile Principles

We have created this infographic of the 12 agile principles based on the original agile manifesto with some modifications for our clients context. To reference the original please visit but the reason why I modified them here was due to feedback about the use of some agile terms losing the audience, particularly those who…

Agile Manifesto Values

Just going to put this thought here for now… Does the original agile manifesto pose an agile values conflict? Can you have things on the left in balance with the things on the right? The first CSM trainer I had way back when, would have had me believe that we dont care about the things…

How to be predictable without estimation

Estimating knowledge work (e.g. software development) has always been a big challenge. Developers and team leaders try to help managers and clients to predict budgets, prioritise, and meet the goals by estimating the amount of time, money, and effort of the work.  At least that is the theory behind the estimation, however, in reality when…