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Mentoring program for agile professionals

How it works…

We match mentees with mentors based on location, experience level, speciality and professional development needs. You’ll both be asked to fill out a survey to help us find the right match.

Mentor and mentee are both agree to meet regularly, at least once a month for one hour, at a suitable time over six month period.

Every mentoring relationship is different. It’s up to you to decide the structure for your program at your first meeting. Be clear on your objectives and make sure you’re prepared for each session.

The mentee is responsible for contacting the mentor to organise a time and place for the first (and subsequent meetings) that is suitable for both participants.

Benefits for the mentor include:
  • Elevated professional visibility.
  • Recognition and respect from peers for your dedication to nurturing others’ growth.
  • Amplified personal satisfaction and professional gratification.
  • Opportunities for honing your leadership skills, communication abilities, feedback provision, and relationship-building acumen.
  • Expansion of your professional networks.
  • Knowledge and skill transfer, enriching your mentee and reinforcing your understanding.
  • Acknowledgment of your skills and expertise.
  • A chance to gain fresh perspectives and stay current with emerging trends.
  • Boosted self-esteem and confidence through the act of empowering others.
Benefits for the mentee include:
  • Cultivation of various skills and knowledge, including work-life balance, communication, interpersonal skills, and organisational knowledge.
  • Expansion of your professional network.
  • Heightened professional profile.
  • A confidential space to discuss workplace issues.
  • Receipt of supportive guidance to help achieve your career aspirations.
  • Insight into the organisation’s culture, facilitating smoother integration and growth.
  • Building professional networks and a supportive environment, fostering both personal and professional development.
  • Enhancement of professional self-confidence and self-esteem, leading to more assertiveness and effectiveness in your role.
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We’ll use information provided to match mentees with mentors based on location, experience level, speciality and professional development needs.

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