Culture Club

Culture Club Open Space

Why do we exist…

To provide a collaborative space for like-minded people focused on enhancing business agility through positive cultural change.

“The rising tide raises all ships”

Fantastic opportunity for networking, sharing knowledges, learning new capabilities, problem solving in a fun and safe environment!

Culture Club is inspired by the Agile Coach Camp events. Culture Club aims however to extend the invitation and attract individuals and groups beyond the Agile Coaching discipline.

What is it…

A highly collaborative and self-organised day focused on learning, connection, food and fun, the open space approach serves as a platform for professionals to learn from each other, discuss challenges, and explore innovative ideas related to new ways of working.

Who is it for…

Agile Coaches
Business Coaches
Scrum Masters
Product Owners
Project Managers
Product Managers
Program Managers
Change Managers
Business Analysts
Team Leaders
Customer Experience
User Experience
Innovators & Entrepreneurs

… and for anyone passionate about coaching, training, mentoring or leading agile organisations, teams or individuals.

How open space works…

Open Space thrives on the self-organisation and creativity of participants.


Whoever comes are the right people.
Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
When it starts is the right time.
When it’s over, it’s over.

Law of Two Feet

Participants are encouraged to use their “two feet” to take responsibility for their learning. If you find a discussion uninteresting or unproductive, you are encouraged to leave and join another session.

The Marketplace

The inner circle is the central location where initial topic creations are brainstormed and added to the Marketplace Board. The board is divided into location columns and timeslot rows. Participants create the schedule by adding topics to the board in the available timeslots.

Butterflies & Bees

The rest of it is up to you!
There are generally 2 different types of people in an open space:
1. Those who know exactly what they want to attend and why…these are the Bees
2. Those who are unsure where they will land and like to take in the sights and sounds…these are the Butterflies